March 19, 2001

hey peoples well this is my new and only bLoG! umm it isnt mutch and i should warn you that I have a pretty boring life but ill write about others peoples lives too so unno joe.:) i had a very bad weekend cuz first teh stupid ref at my game called a foul on me and it shouldnt have been a foul and he called a lotta bad calls....and then this person i know was stupid and liek got in big trouble by the police lol. and oh! *in response to rachies blog* NOT "anit social" im just not 100% socail either lol. its so not funny guyz *haha guyz* well yeah i got in PE all by myself and this stupid looser kid whos behind me well he already buggs the bannanas outta me *ggrrr* so everyone pray for me! we have a stupy project in history blah....and i got an A in english! *yeah baby!!*....haha im trying to send brett a picture of himself but uh hes not answerng so there goes that Idea....haha. oh ok! since im really bored and its handy and all....i though id post a poem written by the fabuloso me and rach....*brace urself* here it is.....

Mario Brothers

The Mario Brothers were a bunch or plumbers
They wee named after a game but dont complain
They married a dame and went to main to ctah a train to go to see the game that was in spain THEY TOOK THE CARPOOL LANE AND HAD THERE 15 OF FAME AND they are lame
On trhe roof they heard a clatter but they did not have a ladder
They went cupkaces but they couldnt find the batter which mace tem even matter
Tbey dont like to be made fun of and especially when its about their mummas. They have really loving mammas who like to wear pokadt pajamas.
Their papas are a bunch bums who like to sit and suck their thumbs
They dont liek school cuz they are kool
The teahcers are mean they like to wear jeans and eat lots of beans while they clean and torture teen who are not lean
All their freinds rock cuz they live on his block but they dont liek to talk but they walk and they like to use chalk to
They are very very rich and their cousins name is mitch
One play baseball and likes to pitch the others ones job is to flip the switch
The own a a dog whos name is larry and he is very very hairy and merry and their granmda is scary who is the real tooth fairy
Their socks have holes and their feet have moles which remind me of tadpols

haha isnt that greatness? i thought so.....well neways....not mutch else is happening in my life rite now....or at least none that i feel liek sharing at the moment. later babez!